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January 2016

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A brief history for Erestor, stretching from the ages of the stars to the foundation of Imladris. MEFA 2009 Third Place (Times: First Age and Prior: General).
~ part one
~ part two

Goldilocks and the Three Balrogs
Ca. 1000 TA, Glorfindel finds himself unexpectedly alive and on a ship to Middle-earth in the company of five not-quite-Men. Where next? Imladris, of course... MEFA 2010 Second Place (Genres: Character Study: The Silmarillion).
~ balrog the first
~ balrog the second
~ balrog the third
~ epilogue: goldilocks

Nightingales and Starlight
For many years, Thingol's minstrel Daeron made lament for Lúthien Tinúviel beside dark waters... but not forever. A look at love, loss and the Lay of Leithian. MEFA 2009 First Place (Genres: Character Study: The Silmarillion).
~ daeron's song I
~ daeron's song II
~ daeron's song III
~ coda

A Beleriand Treasury of Childish Tales (And Other Stories)
An ongoing series of fairly unserious pastiches, most of which elaborate details of my more serious stories.  Let me stress the disclaimer on this collection: since some lines will have been taken directly from the originals, I claim responsibility only for the arrangement of these pieces and certainly I own nothing except perhaps for the odd OC.  Feel free to assume that anything really shiny is not mine.  And (of course): go read the originals! MEFA 2010 Honorable Mention (Genres: Drama: Incomplete).
~ goldilocks and the three balrogs
~ the eagle's gossip
~ a critical matter
~ sleeping beauty
~ the gingerbread cave
~ a correspondence concerning fëanor
~ a thousand suns
~ teleporno

Blood and Fire
Fragments of falling Doriath, centred on Oropher. Dior will not give up the jewel... MEFA 2010 First Place (Races: Elves: General).
~ it was all so beautiful
~ it was her choice and she chose it
~ in the spring, perhaps!
~ some things are not meant to be put into words
~ a kindness
~ hero
~ we will not speak
~ little elwing
~ death and the dead
~ a dozen people

Warping Arda
A collection of drabbles, mostly written for tolkien_weekly. 'Dawn & Dusk' (from 'Winter into Spring'), 'Once Upon a Twilit Time' and 'Spectrum' placed in the 2010 MEFAs, winning first, second and second place in their respective categories.
~ into the woods
~ in memoriam
~ winter into spring
~ golden flowers
~ spectrum
~ once upon a twilit time
~ eilinel
~ adrift in the ages
~ a tangled web
~ good as new

The Journal of Alatáriel, Missionary
Being a fantastical account of the Lady Galadriel’s journey to Middle-earth by an unknown author; edited and with critical comments by Erestor and Melinna of Ered Luin; preface by the Lord Celeborn of Lórinand, formerly of Doriath, Sirion and Eregion. MEFA 2010 Third Place (Times: First Age and Prior: Noldorin Elves).
~ title page, preface, editors' foreword
~ introduction
~ alqualondë and teleporno
~ darkness falls upon valinor
~ the sack of alqualondë
~ arrival in middle-earth
~ epilogue

Down the Withywindle
Tom Bombadil goes a-courting... unsuccessfully. MEFA 2011 Third Place (Fixed-Length Ficlets: Immortals) and a Smaug's Treasure for the first ficlet in this collection.
~ down the withywindle
~ deeper down the withywindle
~ far down the withywindle

Beneath the Sickle's Swing
A collection of drabbles found the ruins of Utumno during the years of Melkor's captivity, written for (probably) various tolkien_weekly challenges. MEFA 2011 Third Place (Drabble Series: General) and a Smaug's Treasure.
~ beneath the sickle's swing
~ thirst
~ patience
~ those unhappy ones
~ the hideous race
~ after the manner

The Loneliness of the Fishermouse
In 2509, Celebrían wife of Elrond was journeying to Lórien... the rest, everyone knows. But this isn't about her. Not really. What remains for the bereaved but need and anger?
~ leaf
~ dragonfly
~ galleon
~ coracle
~ fishermouse


Tolkien Fic

Tales of Older Days
Dwarves, Elves and dragon cubs, oh my! It's 2430 T.A. and a hapless urchin is fleeing through the midnight streets of Bree... A light-hearted adventure starring Erestor, among others. MEFA 2010 Second Place (Genres: Humor: Incomplete). Now complete, for which also MEFA 2011 Second Place (Adventure: General) and a Smaug's Treasure.
~ it was a dark and stormy night
~ the patter of tiny feet
~ indulge your local narrator
~ sleep under stone
~ inez and the machine
~ adventures of a most lurid kind
~ a shade repetitive
~ post scriptum

So an elf, a set of enchanted jewels and the anthropomorphic personification of War walk into a bar... Silmarillion/Good Omens crossover. MEFA 2011 First Place (Crossover: General) and a Smaug's Treasure.
~ it's quiet tonight

Good Omens Fic

Snow White and Rose Red
War has a thing for white wings... War/Aziraphale, Crowley.
~ the night before
~ the morning after

Forgotten, As A Dream
"They'll be back. They're never far away..." Pippin Galadriel Moonchild, aged eleven and a half, dreams red. Or rather, Red. Pepper, War.
~ the trouble with not remembering things

A Red Christmas
A couple of decades on, Pepper goes to Russia in the winter. And is very glad she doesn't have to stay. Pepper, War.
~ christmas in st petersburg

Hic Autem
Whoever could have guessed that summoning demons might not turn out to be a good idea? OC, Crowley, Aziraphale.
~ 1703 AD, Lyons

Storm Chasing
War's an educated woman... and she likes educated men. OC, War, Famine, shades of Pestilence and Pollution.
~ italy, pyrrhus, carthage (x3), macedon (x2), antiochus
~ pyrrhic victories
~ mater punica
~ catch up over coffee
~ filia punica (1)
~ filia punica (2)
~ filia punica (3)
~ show and tell
~ coda

Elysian Fields
It's 43 B.C. and Cicero is dead. He's not the only one. And as for where Aziraphale and Crowley have ended up, well, Heaven and Hell aren't going to like this... Crossover with Virgil's Aeneid, Book 6. WIP. Aziraphale, Crowley, probably the Horsepeople at some point and certainly any number of historical and/or mythical personages.
~ ego somno solutus sum
~ ueniet quae misceat omnis hora duces

The Cohen Collection
Now in Vienna there's ten pretty women... a crossover, of sorts. Aziraphale learns how to waltz (badly); Crowley takes the former Sister Mary Loquacious to see something in an abandoned gallery; and Death's had a bad day at the office. Aziraphale/War, Crowley/Mary Hodges, Death, OC, Famine, Pollution, shades of Pestilence.
~ brandy and death
~ wild on my shoulder
~ among the garbage and the flowers

Bad Pennies
Adam Young dies. Repeatedly.
~ adam young was twelve when death came for the first time

Suitable Sentiments
Crossover. A certain red-haired anthropomorphic personification meets Milady de Winter from the 2011 film of The Three Musketeers.
~ suitable sentiments

Assorted Snippets
Anything under c. 600 words that doesn't fit anywhere else.
~ the poet said (War, Wilfred Owen, 230 words)
~ world history/lunch: 58 BC (Pestilence, Famine, Crowley, 565 words)
~ quartet (four drabbles for four Horsepersons)

Person of Interest Fic

Ficlet Collection
~ coffee morning (S2; Maxine Angelis and Zoe Morgan catch up for coffee; 1000 words)
~ cover story (S4; Zoe Morgan is just a bit surprised to find John Reese is still a cop; 274 words)
~ 'john warren' (S2; Nicholas Donnelly has his own CIA contacts; 807 words)
~ clean sweep (AU from 3x16; Kara catches John pulling out Daniel Casey's teeth and gets a new partner; 553 words)
~ terra incognita (S4; Iris visits John Riley in hospital; 2110 words)
~ a pocket full of lye (early S3; John Reese is not well-suited to the role of role model; 900 words)


Linguistic Traps
Fandom: Discworld
The adventures of Ankh-Morpork's elite conspirators... and their wives. Follow the comments for more fic!
~ linguistic traps
~ enriched coiffeurs

The Sixth Element
Fandom: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the Shivering Isles.
It is rumored that screams of agony are carried away on the wind as it passes through Xaselm... for a very good reason. Because they are. Relmyna Verenim, Nanette Don.
~ the sixth element


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