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charming, prince, pantomime

January 2016

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charming, prince, pantomime

A Question

Hi! Nice to meet you: why are you here? Answers on a postcard, please - or just attached in comments to the bottom of this post! This is also a good place for general conversation, questions and prompts.


I am not quite sure what to answer to that, as I really like your writing. Yours are the only Silmarillion fan fiction I have ever read and I have learned a lot about the Silmarillion from you stories.
The style of your original fiction is slightly different, but I like that too.
What kind of story do you feel you want to write?
(I know that this is not the kind of answer you asked for, but...)
Aw, thanks for being so kind, you reassure me! I really was looking to be ripped apart, because I'm in a phase of being paranoid about the possibility of major underlying flaws that I just can't see myself (I get like this now and again), but I am wholly cheered up by your niceness now. Which is lovely. ^^

I... don't know what sort of story I want to write, although I have several I do want to write. Hm. I'm flailing a bit really. Anyway.

Thank you so much for commenting!
This may be way off the mark of what you are looking for here ... but I just had an interesting conversation the other day with a woman who is a writer by trade (her partner is also published - sci-fi/fantasy genre), and she said that she has several different projects going at any given time - it keeps things fresh for her. She said that if she needs to take a break from one storyline, she never has down time from working on a book because she can tackle the other four or five that she is working on. It struck me as a good idea, which I am going to try to put into practice more with my own work. I was just thinking that, if you haven't already done so, maybe you should just start working on all of those "several" ideas for stories!! :)
Hmm, I do know what you (and she) means there - although this is how I've ended up with three or four major WIPs and another handful of fragmented story-plans in the depths of my hard-drive. I'm really paranoid right now about stylistic issues, I think; and also just the haunting prospect that there might be Something I Should Really Sort Out that everyone is too polite and nice to tell me about!

Oh well. Thank you very much for your input! It's good advice. ^^
If I send you a postcard, you will be the first person who has ever received a postcard from me without me being attached, in all probability.


You won't mind if it is as blank as virgin snow, right? :'D
HEY MISS considering my occasional attempts to take you apart, I was expecting you to jump to return the favour! :'D

But blank postcards, well, they're good too. As long as the picture is pretty!
I would but I am not really very good at dissection, you know. I've always been better at science in theory than in practice. Plus: I don't see anywhere to start.

Pretty pictures I can do.
Practice is good for yoooooooooooooooooou, especially when I'm feeling particularly masochistic. But. I appreciate the sentiment wanna puppy? :'D and await the day when you do.

Yes. Awaiting certainly is popular.
Well, it's technically a puppy and ever so cute. It's because people will insist on keeping us on tenterhooks, precioussss!
These are some general comments I’d wanted to make after reading all your stories.

Your descriptions were good and you wrote good battle scenes; that’s something I’ve never tried to do – I usually suck at writing anything to do with fighting (in my opinion) and usually write the aftermath or the lead up to it ... and the hero is usually someone who could get out of fighting. What I also liked in these stories was the attention to detail that would pop up during the descriptions; they would add something to the scene at hand and help tweak that li’l something in the back of your mind that would ratchet up enjoyment in the scene or horror at what was happening.

What worked well in the stories was that you would have those connections and you also made the characters, and the world, you were describing feel more real than Tolkien had done in many of his works – those smaller details, such as weaving for example, make a lot of the atmosphere in the stories and seemed to make things more real. It’s made what seem to be simple sidenotes in Tolkien’s writing (such as Celebrían being injured after an Orc attack) seem more tragic: you made her a person, instead of being a sidenote in someone’s history, and had me mourning her loss, knowing what was to happen.

The story that I didn’t like as much as the others was Wanderlust (I didn’t dislike it but I certainly didn’t like it as much as the others). I remember from your comment that it was an experiment in the Silmarillion style of writing (fitting thousands of years into those few thousand words) but it’s not something that I feel suits your writing as a whole. Your strength has lain in a few key areas in the stories: your description, building an atmosphere and characters that you get to know and want to follow. An example of the latter: I was dubious about Melinna at first – I tend to be when it comes to original characters in fanfiction – but she complemented your Erestor well and I found myself wanting to follow her in the stories as well.

I know I was going to read stories involving Celebrían only but stayed to read the rest. It was well-worth the visit and I know that I will be back to see if there’s new work soon(ish; I do get distracted). Thanks for putting up with my comments for the past few weeks!

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♥ This is such a lovely and thoughtful comment, as all your comments have been. Thank you so much! I do appreciate general comments massively; it's quite unlikely that I will go back and revise any of my posted stories, at least beyond correcting the odd typo, but feedback does feed into stories as yet unwritten. And this is so kind, it really brightens up a dull afternoon in the library.

I do appreciate your, aha, misgivings. Wanderlust is an experiment (they are all experiments, but in different ways) and rather skeletal, as I said; it was a very useful way for me to start, to map out the space for storytelling, but it's not much of a story in itself. And as far as OCs go, even though so many Silmarillion characters are so grossly underdeveloped, I knew I was wandering onto unpopular ground when I wrote Melinna; but her existence was required for the story I had in mind when I first started writing fanfic (I still haven't written it yet) -- and then, as the project developed, so did she. I'd have trouble writing Erestor wandering down through Silmarillion history without someone to bounce conversation and commentary off.

I cannot promise new work that you'd be interested in, at least soon; the academic term's just started and I'm rather behind in my work just now, plus I (or rather, my frivolous twin) have a ridiculous LOTR WIP full of in-jokes to finish before I start anything more serious, and I'm not at all sure how long that's going to take me. Tracking tags might be more time-effective? I reorganised everything recently in a fit of procrastinatory tidiness, so the 'fandom: Tolkien' tag should cover everything relevant -- although that will throw up the ridiculous WIP as well...

In any case: again, thank you so much for reading everything and for all your thoughtful comments! ♥ I hope your own writing goes well.
You're very welcome and I'll check in on occasion; who knows what might end up taking my fancy! =P

I hope your own writing goes well.
Thank you!
Hello. I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my friends'-list. I read your fics in the current mefas, and was very impressed.
Hello there! That's no problem, of course, and thanks for letting me know how you found me! (And for such kind words, too.) I think we've crossed paths now and then via the SWG comm here, haven't we?
I believe so. I post there occasionally. Most of my longer fics are at HASA, but in the last three years I have been in an internet-challenged location, and LJ is simpler to get to.
Almost anything would be simpler than HASA, I'd have thought. I posted one of my fics there once and the process was so complicated that I haven't been back since. (I may just be technoligically challenged, I admit.)


painter 11

Cool post! How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one? I can tell you put some work in.

Re: painter 11

This particular one? Ummm, nothing at all, since it is a request for concrit and conversation. But thank you anyway, kind stranger!


provides access

Nice site, I envy it, but it seems a little weird when under mozzila browser, keep it moving:)

Re: provides access

Um. Okay!
It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, I've been following your LJ journal on and off via the links from the SWG community. I'm about to add you to my flist to make it easier for myself to keep up. Hope that's okay--please say if not!
That's absolutely fine, of course! Thanks for dropping in to say hello and let me know how you found me.
Just to report that I've read "Midnight House" and "St. Ann" now and enjoyed them. Currently not up to concrit, though.
Well, concrit is always lovely, but just knowing you read and liked them is wonderful! Thanks very much for letting me know. :D

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